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Remarks given by Daun Hester at her formal announcement to seek the office of Norfolk Treasurer on March 19th:

(Informal welcoming remarks & Introduction of Prayer by Reverend Rameen Jackson, Pastor of First Baptist Church Logan Park.  Introduction of elected officials and candidates for elected office.)

I am so honored to see all of you this afternoon.  It is humbling and uplifting all at the same time.

Citizens of Norfolk, family and friends beyond Norfolk, I need you again!  This afternoon I formally declare my candidacy for Treasurer of the City of Norfolk!!!

It is time to restore trust with reliable leadership in the treasurer’s office.  I am the only candidate who can do that for the city we call home.

My parents, Clarence and Geraldine Sessoms, laid the foundation for servant leadership in our home.  Glenn, Chris and I always worked to improve conditions for other.  Mom and dad, thank you for loving each other and us.   

I also want to thank my husband, Quincey, for loving me and supporting everything I do.  I love you much.

We are in my alma mater, Norview High School…

My time at Norview is one place in my early years where I was prepared to make decisions.  I’m a Norview “Pilot” and a leader.  Lifelong friendships were formed. Phyllis, Jan, Teressa and other Pilots here today committed to being the best individuals we could be and we prepared ourselves to lead wherever we were.

Deciding to become the Treasurer of Norfolk is another big step and a new journey.  I have given this a great deal of thought.  The Treasurer must have the confidence and trust of the citizens and businesses who interact with the office.  The Treasurer is responsible for collections, disbursements, accountability, records management, protection and security of Norfolk’s treasury.  We need someone in the office we know and trust.  That’s me!

The citizens know me and trust me because I have been educating children and families in my hometown for almost forty years.  Teaching students, mentoring other teachers, leading schools, developing and overseeing school budgets are accomplishments I am proud of.  Just like I am proud of Ernecia House, one of my Rosemont students who is now a business owner in Norfolk. I am proud of you for making a difference in our hometown.

The citizens and business owners of Norfolk know me and trust me because they supported and elected me to serve them as Councilwoman for fourteen years.  We did some heavy lifting making a difference for youth, small businesses, and creating healthy communities. I learned how to read and develop million dollar budgets.

Then the citizens of Norfolk trusted me to serve them as their delegate in the 89th House District where I was appointed to the Education, General Laws and Appropriations committees.  I helped to shape billion dollar budgets. 

Because you know and trust me, I am asking for your support and vote again to become the next Treasurer of the City of Norfolk.  I want to …

  • restore trust and transparency,
  • have compassionate collections,
  • develop consistent policies and practices for the office,
  • improve the use of technology to allow citizens to communicate directly without coming to city hall,
  • ensure cross training of all employees,

… and provide efficient and excellent customer service.  

I am the only candidate who has established working relationships at the local, state and federal levels.  You will not be disappointed in my leadership when I am your Treasurer.

The citizens of Norfolk know me and trust. I am asking for your support and vote again.  The first step in this process is for me to receive the Democratic nomination.  I need you to put April 29th at 10:00 a.m. on your calendars.  Tell all of your friends to come out and vote for me.  We need long lines to show how much support I have.

I need you to volunteer, tell your friends, introduce me to your neighbors, make contributions, put a yard sign in your yard, walk with me in your community.

You know I love serving.  To know me is to trust me.  Trust me to lead the office of the Treasury for the City of Norfolk.

I want to thank the Norview team and all of the volunteers who helped me today. 

Thank you for your love, support and encouragement!  Let’s win on April 29th!


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